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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Recount announcement and implications

So, the word on the street is the AEC will be announcing whether or not to proceed with a recount tomorrow.

I believe democracy will be better served by having a recount occur.

I have outlined a large number of discrepancies - some large, some medium and some that are just blatently obvious but minor (like the missing Democrat vote).

My next post will likely be Wednesday night as I won't have much time during the day tomorrow. If there is an announcement tomorrow, I will comment on it tomorrow night.


  1. I imagine there will be a recount. I also imagine the AEC is taking extensive legal advice. If they don't issue a recount I suspect it will be because they want there powers tested in court so as to set a precedent. That is what I would do if I were them.

  2. AEC sought comments on potential recount from candidates by 5pm EST Wednesday

  3. Full recount of ATLs and informals. BTLs will not be recounted.

  4. So they will recount all above-the-line ballots and re-examine informals, which is 96% of the votes. Why not add in the other 4% as well?

    1. Because they are confident that the BTL's are accurate.

      It would also take another 2-3 weeks to manually enter all the BTL's for a 3rd & 4th time.

    2. How can they be confident that the BTLs are more accurate than the ATLs? Provide the relevant confidence figures.

      Surely another 2-3 weeks is irrelevant given that they have already taken 5 weeks to get to the first button press, and the fact that there is another 8 months to go before the new senate comes into force.

      No more confident the ATLs are accurate

  5. let the lawyers picnic commence. Unless we find 100 votes for the shooters or Christians just lying around then this will come down to arguments over the informals for the relevant minor we have seen with the Fairfax recount it is likely to be a very long and laborious process. It will most likely end in court............I cant see Clive giving up without a fight if the count turns against him.......maybe we will have an answer by Christmas but court action into next year likely.....sad to say

  6. Then fact that the AEC refused to provide scrutineers a copy of the BTL preference data file during the count should be reason enough to justify a recount.. It is impossible to scrutinize a=the data-entry process without access to tie data-file. Its akin to watching goods scanned at a supermarket and not given a receipt or running total and asked to verify the prices and amount charged.