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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Recount... But not a complete one...

AEC has confirmed a partial near complete recount will be conducted.

Will informal BTL's be recounted? For example the 50 Waggrakine BTL informals as per my previous post?

I think this is a fair outcome. Noone (well... not many...) is questioning the accuracy of BTLs that have been reentered twice in the data entry process.

Next update tonight hopefully

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  1. WA BTL Votes worthy of Interest.

    Unfortunately I do not have a source location list for each batch allocation as this would assist in narrowing down the list even more

    The odds are that the gap between them will widen not swing.

    It is estimated that a recount of the WA Senate will costs taxpayers around $100,000

    Had the AEC provided Scrutineers access to the preference data-file then these votes would have been subjected to more detailed scrutiny during the initial count and possibly avoid the need for a recount