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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Senate results - 15-9-13 - 10pm non-update

What a non-event day in Senate counting. I thought the AEC would have made good use of this Sunday to make some headway into the Senate counts given most of the heavy lifting has now been done for the House of Reps seats.

So what new Senate counting did we have today?

NSW, WA, SA, ACT, NT: No progress
VIC, QLD: Counting in an additional electorate (McEwen and Dawson)
TAS: An additional 884 votes, all below the line, very supportive of the Greens bumping up their vote by 0.04%.

Because of the small additional votes today, I did not re-run my models.

But I did occupy my Sunday trying to:
- Determine whether SXP preferences were instrumental in the election of LDP in NSW
- Understand what factors influenced the BTL% vote (State, party, ideology) in 2010
- Model where the Tasmanian BTL votes went in 2010.

I will shortly post on these issues, as time allows.

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